Monday, June 25, 2007

Coming home

Well, this is the first chance we have had to get to an internet cafe. We left last Tuesday night from Poltava on an overnight train. We got through the medical exam on Wednesday and got the visa on Thursday from the US Embassy. All our papers are in order, so then we made arrangements to go out to the EEO camp. We have not been staying at the camp but moved from our apartment in Kiev to a room at the Baptist Church in Kiev. We thought it was closer to the camp than it is, so probably should have kept our apartment, but that's okay. We just know the next time we pack it will be to come back to the States.

We think the camp has been good for Svetlana in many different ways. One of the American's is a girl that is working on her master's degree for child/family counseling (can't remember the exact title), but anyways, she has worked in the orphanages and it was good to have her here to talk to about everything so that we have some reassurrance that we are on the right track dealing with various issues that happen to kids in orphanages, and that everything we are experiencing is normal. We hope the camp provides her with a better transition, since it is kind-of like being at the orphanage she was at, but in a full Christian environment so that she can see that not everyone treats each other the way she thinks, even in her own country. It will be a few months before she has some language aquisition, so the teachings have been very good so far. Respect, forgiveness and today, obeying rules (talking on the Commandments). At least she can see that we are not being as mean as she thinks we are with setting up her boundries. She is having a good time and looks forward to going back the next day.

So much has happened since we left Poltava, that time does not permit us to post everything, but we look forward to meeting with everyone when we get back.

Just to let you all know, we will be kind-of 'hermits' for a couple of weeks when we get back so that she has time to adjust to American culture and a lot of new thing and new rules. You are welcome to call us when we get back, but just wanted to let you know that we will not be going out at all for about 2 weeks, nor will we be having much company. I hope you all understand.

This will be our last post before returning to the States. Please pray we get through immigration and make our connection in New York. We are returning Wednesday evening (27th).

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melissamcmahan said...

hey guys!! this is melissa from the EEO camp in Kiev! I just wanted to see how things were going for you guys...funny thing, but I saw a little girl yesterday while I was playing tennis that looked just like Svetlana...I had to do a double take. I'd love to hear from you all...but don't use this email address. If you could, email me at
Hope to hear from you all soon!!!!